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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Bed Head

It's my last weekend before leaving to miri for good next weekend. Sigh...gonna miss some of KL lifestyle and friends..

Whatever.. i went to klang today with mommy to check out some stock pricing which we gonna sell in sarawak. It's my first time to the town of klang since i came to kl hehe paiseh la sounds like "sam pa lao" haha but it's because im a city girl i used to be in capital ma hehe..anyway my main point today is wanna share some good stuff with you guys...

BED HEAD ... heard of that? my new bought shampoo brand from USA. It have a colourful and attractive packaging and it smells like passion or like candies anyway just really smells good i gonna love it. Bed head also have an interesting product name "After Party" it's for the use of those clubbing kaki who always left over bad hair odour which would last for few days tho it's have been washed. As per the staff, we can just simple apply on the next day or the night itself then there won't be any bad smell, miracle right!! don't worry i'll be the sacrificer to try out their products then get back to you guys k but it's really not a cheap brand ;)

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Here left another my He's my first dog. He's not a luxuries dog but we all treasure and love him so much cause he is so cute. He is big yet manja. He used to run around inside our house till we band him in cause he's getting bigger hehe. He loves to bath and he loves to climb on people. He's my beloved dog who never realize he is no more little puppy but big big dog. Lagi teruk there's a day my aunt found out he climb to the top of her car to sleep so naughty right.. There's also a time we are too busy to bath for him for a month plus then he boycott wiith us. He refuse to eat and no more run around just sleep there everyday till almost sick then when we wash car he's so happy and jump over to us only we knew all he want is just shower haha.. but this time is different it's not because of shower, he just dont want to eat and take medicine. He's so sick there's nothing we can do and not long after he left us so sad i really miss you so much my dear coffee. Why dont you wait me for another 10days to let me meet you very one last time :( However, dear coffee hope you rest in peace..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Graduation competition show 2008

It's Snips graduation competition makeup show ' 2008 last night and we have 32 contestants all together with lots of famous art field VIP's being invited to be our judges and special guests. The show was set at 7.30pm, lots of parents, relatives, friends and shoppers surrounded at our stage and anywhere where can see us from level above. Situation was warm and crowded. We, makeup artist/contestants and models are so busy rehearsal, gown trying, hair styling and makeup since early morning at 7.45am. I'm so greatful to have such an obedient and patience model. She's only at her seventeen, a form 4 student and this would be her first show. She and i was so hardworking to hope to have our things done on time so she and i have skip our breakfast and lunch till 3pm.

I was a little panic while make up for my model, worried if the time is enough, if the makeup would smudge, if the makeup is balance, if the blending is soft, if her foundation is clean, if her gown could express her body figure, if her sensitive skin tone would matters, if her hair style could cover her big cute ear and if my hair accessories is perfect on her. It have too much things that i have to worry about which makes me no excuse for not being panic. However, i've managed to done the whole set on time.

Here the show times come. Now not me but all of us especially our models are so nervous, it's their moment to worry if they have all the steps and post correctly without any mistake like steppin on their own gown and so and so. Before it's my model turn for her catwalk i decided to give her a angpao for her whole day effort tho i've told her it's a volunteer show to give her a chance to learn in this field and working together with others pro & semi-pro models. I keep reminding her not to be nervous and just be as professional look with post as possible for that few minutes on stage, just that few minutes and the most important few minutes.....

Great, great she did it... bravo!!! and yes i did it. Tho is consolation prize (place of 6th) but we (she and i) did it out of 32 contestants really on my surprise. I participate myself in this graduation competition in my lowest cost so i do not have a grand makeup nor hair styling but i do put a lot of effort on my idea of creative makeup to be done. God knows who to be worth to. Clemence, proud of yourself you did it again..

By right, i should be happy on my effort but instead i cried when i'm back home. You know why.. can you feel what i feel? People won prizes with all their parents, relatives, partners and friends applaused and take pics for them and i am only alone with no one happy for me. I am not alone, both my parent are here not a long distance that only a few minutes could reach the place of my show held and i've reminded them that it's my show that night with indirectly telling them that how much i wish they could be there to keep me support and be happy that what have their daughter learn for the past half year. NO, they didnt shown up and not a good luck for the whole day so do my dear one. I am so sad when my name was annouced, holding my prizes but no one who i can focus my eye on on stage but seeing others busy taking pics and tears for their loved one effort. I was not being praised yet appreciate since i was young. I am naughty while schooling but i am proud to say that i won a lot of prizes too no matter on sports, activities, quiz, debate, story telling or so on. Today, once again i got at least some achievement on my makeup study so what..will there be anyone happy for me? will the one that i concern would feel proud for me?

Anyway, forget it that's my life just admit it. Now my camera is the one who concern and store all my good and bad memory and my blog is the one who lend a place for me to share my story.

Me and my model (serine) height 174 before 4inches high heels.
I managed to buy her a stocking before on stage. Thank god hehe

My simple hair styling and makeup hope you guys see the pretty as the judges saw too

the consolation prize that i got


As i promised to myself got to maintain my nail with my own pretty nail art to match my nail technician identity. I got salina's nail drawn with patient but when i only have my first nail art done ing ming call and ask to join them for movie so mine is not so complete just "cing cai" draw haha..

my toe nail art

salina's toe nail art


As per above, we went to pavillion for this movie "coming soon" from the producers of "shutter, alone & 4bia". I'm so excited to watch this movie coz it's been ages since i last watch horror movies. I have a bunch of friends here in kl who don't watch horror movies so i'm so kasian cannot watch also lo no accompanion... :( hehe then donno y suddenly one of them call up and ask if i wanted to join them for movie and surprisingly it's a ghost movie so i faster run to join them lo haha.. but too bad this coming soon is not that nice as i expected. So disappointed, i put so much hope as it is from the producers of shutter, one of my favourite horror movie and ends up it was such a boring, no ending and no meaning movie sigh...

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beloved uncle

For my beloved late uncle..

Three months have passed. I'll never forget the day when someone rang to tell me that you've gone away. The hurt is the same like an open wound. There are days i don't utter a sound. Some days the pain is stronger. It makes me sick and weak. You are a special person in my life. You are my respect, friend, philosopher, guide and lot more but now you are gone without having a chance to tell you how much you've been loved and thanks in my heart. Uncle, i love you and always will. You've filled a space no one could fill.

Words on behalf of your family and i..

They thought of you with love today but that is nothing new. They thought of you yesterday and days before that too. They think of you in silence. They often speak your name. They never knew how hard it was to loose someone they love until the day you went to heaven above. Even though they can't see, they know your up there watching over them. They miss you more and more everday but now all they have is memories and your picture in a frame. Your memory is their keepsake with which they'll never part. God has you in his keepsake. They have you in their heart and shall forever remain.

~~~~~May you Rest In Peace~~~~~

Sunday, April 12, 2009


i know my toe might not look good but still it's cute isn't it? haha... just wanna share something new that i've just learned from my friend.

i've learned to moisture my skin all over with lotion or either body butter not long ago with the step to apply right after shower to provide a better absorbtion. Recently only i know feet can actually be the most important area that we cannot left out when applying lotion as it can get crack easily and after applying please remember to wear on your sock which can be more effective. Thus, tho my pic is ugly but my feet would be moistured the next day haha...have you learn a lesson?

my new nail art (drawn by my student)

mini cornetto...yummy...


Below pictures taken at KLCC.
My friends and i went to KLCC today for the last day PC fair and OH MY GOD!! you can never imagine how pack and traffic jam was there no matter we are talking bout cars or's just terribly "mountain people mountain sea". We started to que for parking maybe round few kilometres away before. We waited few turns before we manage to squeeze in the lift to KLCC. We took a 20mins just to wait turn for toilet. We round, we stand and wait for sits for lunch at the food court before we could take turn to make order for food respectively. We take any/every oppurtunities to stand in the escalator and the reality of the PC fair was not we who suppose to walk slowly to survey prices and decided to buy but being push from the main door to the exit door and it was not only a floor or a hall but three floors with five halls in it. Alright, that's it. Told myself one time is more than enough. What's the point for being push and pack and sweat and step just to hope to buy something just a little bit cheaper than the original price. It's really no fun.

salina & clemence


clemence in green & sean ing ming
*************** new RED CINDERELLA shoe. I love it!!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


" Banana Chocolate Muffin"
Yup, it's the Starbucks famous "Banana Chocolate Muffin" yummy... It has been highly recommended by my friends saying it really taste good and it is.
As usual i didn't have my breakfast before class today and i was damn hungry but nicole need me to practice her scratch makeup before i can go for my lunch and i suddenly think of the highly recommended muffin and what else there it comes...must buy, must taste and must try yet the stall is just downstairs our building.
"Don’t expect anything from life,expectations hurt.When you don’t expect,every moment is a surprise and every surprise brings happiness"
I have a glance of touching moment today when i'm on my way to class by LRT. I would everytime felt touch and as if lifes fill with hope when i saw teenage who volunteer to share their sit for someone who need it more than we do and of cause i would definitely share mine too always but scenario today is different the one who share his sit to an old man is someone who are not too far the age comparing the old man. Both with full head of white hair, wearing old guy look t-shirt and sport shoe for easy walking, isn't it touching? can you feel what i see?
Life should be like that..helping doesn't mind ageing so stop all the excuses that you need more than others do when you actually don't.

Friday, March 20, 2009


Its thursday = Ladies night .. We have been invited to "The Loaf" as there'll be fashion show, free makeover and nail art sponsored by our academy "SNIPS" and the most important is it's strictly NO MAN SHOW from 7pm - 11pm .. yooho.. hehe.. man can only be in after that. OPS.. will it be a lesbian night? haha.. i think too much

it's ME (Clemence) image for the night

my both makeup artist desmond & cole


my hairstylist 'Ray'

my hairstyle of the night pretty kan ?


see..everyone is busy make themself pretty


shy and me


Bi, Me and Shy


Mikkie & Me


our rajin makeup artist for the night pity them


souk yee


pity ray he must be over exhausted


ashley our junior hair stylist


fashion show


mei ying & me (lesbian night) haha
is this real?


outside balcony of the loaf


mavis and me (all my classmate also very pretty leh)




so happy both of them after their hard work


look at ah bi tired face keke...

Monday, March 16, 2009

new nail design & hair style (",)

I said to myself that i hav to keep my finger nails and toes always in PERFECT, GORGEOUS, PRETTY & FUN look as a nail technician -- } never be lazy and never afraid of troublesome.

french gel extension


pretty ma?


marble effect base with diff kind of paste-up fruits


match perfect with my new bought shoe :)


pretty woman walking down the street..oh pretty woman haha..